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UPDATE January 2, 2014: 

Happy New Year!

New website launch delays.... ugh.

It will be here soon!  

UPDATE Nov. 16,2013:  The bad news is that we have not spent much time on our website and keeping folks updated.  The good news is that we have been busy growing and working extremely hard and now have a solid plan to share in December. Thank you for staying with us through this journey and we look forward to more public involvement. We are about to get a new website full of our plan and opportunities to support us financially, physically and emotionally.  MTG is a citizen's activity park and will only work as a community driven endeaver.  All ages and all demographics are needed.  Speaking of citizens and community.... the creators and volunteers of Design Like Mad are amazing.  They are holding an event just to help nonpfrofits like us. We have been accepted to be one of the companies helped on December 7th.  Yes, this means a real logo and a new website and hopefully an easier description of MTG so you can help us spread the word about this awesome activity park.   If you have a business that would like to support DLM in this great initiative then please contact them.   See you soon with lots to share!  In the meantime please follow us on fb and twitter to connect with us.  



The inspiration to create Madison Traffic Garden began in May of 2012 after watching the video below.  We have formed a non-profit in Wisconsin and are now filing for 501(c) status.  


Self-Reliance Grows in the Utrecht Traffic Garden by Streetfilms


Madison Traffic Garden Corp. creates resilient communities by facilitating interactive and diverse public spaces.

Madison Traffic Garden Corp.

  • Promotes sustainable and environmental practices.
  • Partners with public and private institutions and communities.
  • Provides healthy and friendly opportunities for community building among multiple cultures, ages and individuals.
  • Facilitates public spaces where people can connect through activity based interactions.   


Our goal is to create a permanent space where we can build things, solve problems in our neighborhoods, build community and have fun. We want to build an activity based recreational environment.    

  Traffic safety started this whole thing and still is at the heart of this company. Traffic gardens cost money to operate and do not make money. We do not want to rely on funding for operating our park. We are developing a whole ecosystem that makes sense financially to support one. Fred Kent from Project for Public Spaces came to speak at Monona Terrrace last year. He articulated general public space making brilliantly. This year we are speaking at the event about our project. Yay!

 Thank you for your patience. We are always accepting positive energy and/or prayers during this scary yet exciting process.  The Madison community has been amazing so far. Thank you!